RADAN - RadbendCNC

RadbendCNC not only contributes directly to your business’s efficiency, but indirect benefits can easily be identified.

  • Integrate with multiple manufacturers - Reducing your investment in multiple systems
  • Centralise knowledge - Reducing your training costs
  • Use existing parts - Reducing programming required

RadbendCNC from RADAN removes the traditional requirement of on-line programming of press brake machines which dramatically reduces time available for production work. Coupled with automatic bend sequence programming, automatic tool selection and automatic finger stop placement the potential efficiency gains can make a real difference to your businesses profitability as this example shows:

Typical hourly rate of machine tool $46.22
Typical annual usage 1,850 hrs (50 weeks @ 37 hours per week)
Cost of above $85,507.00
Typical efficiency 52% uptime and 48% downtime
Cost of downtime $41,043.36 (0.48 x $85,507.00)
Typical efficiency improvement through offline programming 25%
Potential cost saving of above $10,260.84

These figures above are per press brake. It’s important to note this is also the cost of not utilising the benefits of RadbendCNC every year.

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