RADAN Shows Logistics Modules and the Brand New 2014 Release

RADAN is giving manufacturers the opportunity to preview its series of logistics modules, along with detailing the new RADAN 2014 release, at a number of venues around the UK.

Six specialist user group meetings are being held throughout November that will introduce many sheet metal businesses to Radimport, which was launched earlier this year as the first of a series of logistics products.

RADAN General Manager Chris Aston says: “It’s all about the evolution of CAD/CAM. We’ve been a leading CAM supplier to the sheet metal industry for 35 years, but our logistics suite takes us outside our core CAD/CAM. Interfacing with other software such as MRP, along with automating the method in which customers can bring data into their system, is vital for RADAN to integrate more fully into a company’s complete I.T. structure.”

As well as Radimport, the series includes Radquote, Radlink and Radmanager, which are being rolled out during 2013 and 2014.

Delegates at the sessions at Wetherby, Swindon, Leicester, Telford, Dartford, and Lanarkshire in Scotland, will also be given full details of RADAN 2014, which was launched in mid-October.

Kevin O’Connor, RADAN’s Sales And Major Accounts Manager, says: “This is our customers’ opportunity to see the latest release of the software and pick up many tips and tricks to improve their productivity. Whether they’re involved with punching, profiling, or both, the 2014 release contains new and enhanced functionality to improve their manufacturing processes and productivity.” 

He says the meetings are also ideal for networking, where RADAN users can learn from each other. “Also, it’s not uncommon for customers to learn about functionality they already have, but not been aware of it if they hadn’t attended an update training session. That’s what makes user group meetings so valuable – delegates will learn about the new software and find out how other manufacturers use it.

“And this time, many delegates will get their first viewing of the logistics suite.”      

To register click here:  http://www.radan.com/events/usergroupmeetings?Region=2



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