Vero Programs 12 Machines on 9 Partner Stands at Mach

Partnership arrangements with machine tool manufacturers, along with considerable interest in its new EDGECAM | RADAN | Designer CAD for CAM system, were Vero Software’s highlights at the MACH exhibition.

With a total of 18 partner hotspots around the UK’s premier production engineering show, EDGECAM programmed 12 CNC machines on nine manufacturers’ stands, demonstrating 5-axis simultaneous machining, Waveform turning and milling, mill/turning, wire EDM, and certified posts.

DMG Mori ran EDGECAM on their DMU 60 Evo Linear machine with a 5-axis simultaneous program, and an NTX 2000 for mill/turning operations. UK Showroom Manager Christopher Cooper says MACH was the perfect venue to highlight their top level engineering expertise and their machine tools.

“The linear machine is especially dynamic, moving at 80 metres a minute, and we created an impeller from an aluminium block which was the maximum size for our handling system – 410 mm wide and 200 mm high. We used EDGECAM to produce code which would show the machine’s full capabilities, moving the part around and removing material in the most efficient way.

Matsuura also programmed two machines with EDGECAM for mill/turn and 5-axis. “Visitors to our stand were particularly impressed with how EDGECAM produced a highly complex part that looks like a puzzle or optical illusion. It was challenging to program, but EDGECAM took it in its stride on our MX 330.

“We work very closely with EDGECAM, which ensures customers get the very best out of their machine tool. We couldn’t do what we do without EDGECAM.”

Vero’s UK Strategic Partnership Manager Wesley Tonks says: “Partnering in this way gives a better understanding of a manufacturer’s specific requirements, and allows the machine tool supplier to introduce the applicable Vero solution.”

EDGECAM also reported considerable interest in the new EDGECAM | RADAN | Designer module – a powerful direct modelling system which fills the gap between CAD and CAM, focusing on the specific needs of machinist programmers.

As a stand-alone, optional application, EDGECAM | RADAN | Designer enables users to create new designs or modify existing geometry from third party CAD systems. As it is not dependent on having a series of parameters that drive it, or a feature tree, it provides a quick, dynamic editing and modelling environment, where users sketch, drag, hold, push or twist, to create and modify models.

In addition, there were also strong leads for the new Inspection product, which EDGECAM engineer Mike O’Neill says represents the “perfect marriage” between Vero and its parent company, Hexagon, by placing CMM on production machine tools.

“We also demonstrated the new EDGECAM 2018 R2. What particularly caught customers’ eyes were the auto Plunge Drill function in the roughing cycle, which automatically creates the hole position and keeps the drilling toolpath associative to the cycle…along with the ability to create a new feature from the wireframe command.”

As well as EDGECAM, Vero also demonstrated VISI, RADAN, WORKXPLORE, and its ERP systems, generating strong leads from increased footfall over the previous MACH.
Bob Thorne, Senior Application Engineer with RADAN, says visitors expressed considerable interest in the sheetmetal software’s logistics package, which includes RadPro, RadQuote and Radmanager.


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