“Ground Breaking Innovations” Spell Success For RADAN BV

A Dutch subsidiary of the international sheet metal software, RADAN, has been presented with a prestigious business success award for its innovative approach and technology trend setting.

RADAN BV, one of RADAN’s long standing subsidiaries, has been named the 2016 industry winner in the CAD/CAM solution business section, from the National Business Success Institute in the Netherlands. The Nomination Committee said RADAN BV had evolved into a leading company, and had a very strong position in the market place.
Robert Zwaan, head of the Nomination Committee, says: "RADAN BV is generally seen as one of the emerging organisations in the field of CAD/CAM solutions. They combine their vast expertise with excellent accessibility and an innovative approach, which gives them a very high score on customer satisfaction."

Formed in 1976, RADAN provides automation solutions for sheet metal fabricators. As well as developing software systems, they also provide associated services to end users, resellers and OEM partners worldwide. With ground breaking innovations, the company has set the trend for the current generation of CAD/CAM systems for the sheet metal world.
RADAN software is still leading in the development of CAD/CAM, including web portals for quotation calculation as a cloud-based service, and a fully automated 2D/3D CAM system to control cutting and punching machines as well as press brakes.

The Institute’s Nomination Committee recognised RADAN as a stable, progressive organisation that will continue to achieve success in the future. "Innovation is the key to RADAN, because they are constantly making improvements to their software and services, as well as making it possible to adapt to the needs of the customer. RADAN is a uniquely developed solution where clients of sheet metal fabricators can enter their quotation requests directly into the system online and then receive a complete quote after about a minute. With conventional methods it can often take several days to produce and requires various professionals."

Successful niche player

After years of investment, RADAN have now produced a position that is unique and unparalleled in the world. “They are a trendsetter and game changer," says Robert Zwaan. "RADAN are the only machine-independent providers of a fully integrated solution for both 2D and 3D CAD unfolding, quoting  and direct driving all flexible CNC machines for cutting and bending sheet metal. Complex orders can be combined by RADAN. No other vendor offers these unique solutions. Its solutions offer users huge benefits in time, material and therefore money."

"RADAN is a high quality organisation that has built a remarkable position. An absolute highlight in their world,” say the Nomination Committee judges.

More information can be found at: www.radan.nl


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