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Vero Demonstrate a Complete Suite of Solutions at Southern

Vero Software exhibited five of their renowned CAD/CAM solutions at the Southern Manufacturing exhibition, which was held this year in a brand new multi-million pound venue, with over 580 exhibiting companies and seven thousand visitors.

VISI, JAVELIN, WORKPLAN, EDGECAM and RADAN featured on the joint Vero/Hexagon stand.

The collaboration between Vero and Hexagon was demonstrated by the reverse engineering of a plastic moulding, using VISI software and Hexagon equipment. Visitors were intrigued by the Hexagon ROMER Absolute Arm which quickly captured 3D point data of the plastic mould, with a capability of 752,000 points per second. Using VISI, this was then surfaced to a solid model and mould tool to be produced, and finally checked using the Hexagon ROMER Absolute Arm.

VISI also demonstrated their new mould tool launched in the 2018 R1 software update.

Vero’s JAVELIN and WORKPLAN ERP solutions also featured on the stand. Chris O’Mara, a consultant for Vero’s ERP Division, says: “Visitors were looking for a way to streamline production and make sure they are cost effective in doing so. Our solutions are perfect for managing shopfloor production and scheduling, which was of particular interest during demonstrations.”

And he says visitors were particularly excited by the scheduling functionality and usability of the software, especially in WORKPLAN, which is a new product for the UK, specialising in bespoke work. They also commented on the overall look of the interface and its ability to integrate with other Vero products, including CABINET VISION, VISI, ALPHACAM and EDGECAM.

EDGECAM triumphed at the show with many manufacturers interested in both milling and turning solutions. Mike O’Neill, Support Engineer for EDGECAM, says: “On day three we had fantastic footfall on the stand, with many manufacturers asking for demonstrations, as they are currently not satisfied with their incumbent system. The overall feedback was that EDGECAM is very user friendly and they were suitably impressed with the technology on show.”

Interest level was also high for EDGECAM | RADAN | Designer, a new product released for 2018. EDGECAM | RADAN | Designer, which is available for multiple Vero software brands, features direct modelling technology, and combines powerful model editing commands with a full suite of geometry creation utilities. EDGECAM customers who received an on-stand demo of the new product, were enthused by its ability to adapt designs, regardless of how the original model was created, says Mike O’Neill.

At the show machine tool manufacturers, Matsuura, who are also UK agents for Muratec, featured a Muratec MT 200 running EDGECAM software. Andy Hill, Matsuura Applications Engineer, says: “We had a demo running on the machine which was programmed by EDGECAM. This is an air cutting example so there’s no actual metal cutting involved. We find EDGECAM a really good partner to work with – the software is very user friendly and we’re able to manipulate it to our own needs.”

As the only sheetmetal software provider at Southern, RADAN found the show a great networking opportunity. Visitors to the stand were particularly interested in the Radbend and RADAN 3D modelling packages, designed to make sheet metal design simple. Bob Thorne, Sales Support Engineer for RADAN, says: “This year’s show has been a great opportunity to network with new and existing customers, at a vastly improved venue. This was the first public showing of Radpro and a chance to show the latest Radquote and Radmanager, plus 2018 RADAN CAD/CAM.”

Overall, Southern Manufacturing gave Vero a great opportunity to showcase its range of products as the world’s number one manufacturing solutions provider. Marc Freebrey, Group Marketing Director, summarises: “We have an expanding product portfolio and the exhibition provided the ideal venue to present what has changed to both the software and the company within the last 12 months. Vero has plans to expand its offering beyond just CAD/CAM, and connect more of the digital thread to allow our customers to maximise their full potential. Talking to customers and prospects on the show floor provided an excellent opportunity to explain and validate our future plans.”


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